Thursday, October 8, 2009

How to install nautilus SVN in Ubuntu 9.04

Client side for SVN

1. The video below is the tutorial for nautilusSVN.

1.1 Refer to this tutorial: Youtube Tutorial

How to install? Step by step.

2. According to a report, nautilusSVN already renamed as RabbitCVS.

Step 1: Go to ## install rabbitvcs and download the installer package: rabbitvcs_0.12-1~hardy_all.deb.

Step 2: Unpack the package.

             sudo dpkg -i rabbitvcs_0.12-1~hardy_all.deb

Step 3: There is some missing package (ipython) that not installed. Then install ipython package.

           sudo apt-get install ipython meld

Step 4: Solve this error :: E: Unmet dependencies.

          sudo apt-get -f install


Note: Thanks to my friend, Wahid. -:)